Queens Park
Lesser Hampden

Whilst most clubs are happy with one ground, in 1923, Glaswegian amateur side Queens Park, not content with having the largest stadium in the world decided to go one better and create a second ground for the reserve and youth teams to play in! Situated immediately behind the West Stand at Hampden Park is 'Lesser Hampden', still in use today, despite repeated rumours of it being sold off for housing. When laid out, it originally held 12,000 and over the years has played host to a number of League games, notably when its bigger brother was being redeveloped during the 1990s.

Originally the land was a farm, and after putting in grass banking around three sides, the club decided to keep the farmhouse and use it as dressing rooms and a pavilion. With it still there today, it boasts a tenuous claim as the oldest 'football building' in the world, having been built at some point in the 19th century. Other than for training before a game, the ground is rarely used by the first team these days, but a bank of terracing with bench seats still sits on the far side, with a small stand perched above it and floodlights for night games. The clubs offices sit behind the north end.


Welcome to Hampden

The Clubs Offices

The South End

The West Side

The North End

The West Stand

The West Stand

Lesser Hampden Panoramic


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