Slavia Prague
Stadion Evzena Rosickeho

Whilst on a short break in Prague, the trip was never going to pass without visiting some of the local grounds. Unfortunately Slavia didn't have a game on whilst I was there, but I managed to get along to the Stadion Evzena Rosickeho and take a look all the same.

Sitting next to the mighty Strahov Stadion, one would think that it was in danger of looking dwarfed compared to the huge 250,000 capacity venue, but it was this ground that drew more attention being a far more modern design than it's 1960's concrete neighbour. From the outside there wasn't really a great deal to see, other than the attractive sloping floodlight design standing out from the stands within.

I'd managed to find an open gate and make my way in and was a little bit surprised to find that once inside the ground is a little older than what it at first seems, but that said it is still an impressive venue. Used as much for athletics as it is football, the stands are set back from the pitch, although being totally enclosed, it doesn't really seem quite withdrawn as at other athletic venues I've been to previously. I went in through the North(?) Stand, and after mounting a somewhat flimsy staircase found myself in the upper tier behind the goal. Split into two sides, the facilities seemed basic, with most being on an open concourse to the rear of the stands structure. To the left was another two tier designed stand, which carried around the far end in a similar, but separate structure, whilst to the right was a smaller more separate stand, which still had two tiers, but seemed a little bit older than its counterparts.

Holding just short of 20,000, the ground looks a good place to visit for a match, although that might not be possible before too long with Slavia looking to move out at some point to a new ground which is currently being built.  

Outside the Main Stand

Entrances to the South Stand

Rear of the North Stand 

The East Stand

The South Stand

The Main Stand

Looking across the North Stand

The Club Shop!

Stadion Evzena Rosickeho Panoramic

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