Swansea City
Vetch Field

Game Information

The East Stand

The Centre Stand

The Centre Stand Gable

South-East Floodlight

The West Terrace

Looking across the North Bank

The North Bank

Old Wooden Stairs leading to the abandoned West Terrace Upper Tier

Wooden Stairs up to the West Terrace Upper Tier

The West Terrace Turnstiles

Stairs leading up to the West Terrace

The 'good' toilets

Refreshment Hut

The Centre Stand

Underneath the Centre Stand

Seating in the Centre Stand

The Dugouts

Rear of the North Bank

The South-East Floodlight

The East and Centre Stand Turnstiles

Fans climb local houses for a view of the game!

Fans border the touchline waiting for the final whistle

The Final Whistle goes!

Fans on the pitch

On the pitch

The West goal

The East goal

Looking up at the Centre Stand Gable

The Centre Stand Gable

Fans on the pitch

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