Viktoria Zizkov
Viktoria Stadion

One of the main grounds on my list to visit whilst in Prague was Viktoria Zizkov's Viktoria Stadion, which is situated on the edge of Prague city centre, a short walk from Wenceslas Square. Despite not being far in distance to walk to, it wasn't an easy ground to find when coming from the South, with three sides enclosed by various buildings, and it only really being visible from the Main Road which runs along the Northern edge of the site.

After going in, you can see how compact it is, not that that is a bad thing, if anything it adds to the ground, giving a real enclosed feel, even when empty. On the far touchline is the 'South' Stand, which is raised from pitch level and features 8 rows of seats. The far end is similar, with both stands being uncovered, which is the same for the near end, although unlike it's neighbours, this stand is of a temporary nature and only runs for half the width of the pitch. The Main Stand is an older structure, although like the other three sides is raised from pitch level. Unlike the other three this side is covered, and looks quite a traditional stand if it was in the English leagues. Overall, whilst offering little cover, and without great facilities from what I could tell, it is a good little venue, with a capacity of 5000. Of all the Prague grounds I went to, this is probably the one I'd most like to get back to see a game at.

Rear of the Main Stand

The Club Shop

The East Stand

The Main Stand

The West Stand

The North Stand

The North Stand


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