allpay Park

Whilst visiting Hereford United’s Edgar Street for their FA Cup clash with Stockport, I’d decided to take the time out to make the short journey to nearby allpay-park, home of Midland Alliance side Westfields.

Not really knowing what to expect, I must admit that when finding the ground, I was a little disappointed. The ground is in an area that has a lot of pitches around it (there were several youth games going at the time), and the only structures are the clubhouse and a small stand, that almost looks temporary. Around all four sides are barriers with hard standing behind them, and finally completing the picture are the dugouts opposite the Main Stand.

The only real saving grace was that all of the facilities did seem to be quite modern, and do appear to be well kept, but sadly you can’t possibly say that the ground has any character, which is one of the main things that I personally like to look for. On the plus side, there is scope for expansion if it is ever needed, but sadly until that time, it really doesn’t seem that great a place to watch a game at.

Welcome to allpay Park

The Turnstile

The Clubhouse

The Near End

The Far Side

The Dugouts

The Far End

The Main Stand

Rear of the Main Stand

allpay Park Panoramic


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