Whilst visiting City Park, home to Edinburgh based football club Spartans, I’d spotted another ground on the way from the city centre, so couldn’t help to stop off and take a look.

‘Goldenacre’ as it’s known is the sports field for the famous George Heriot’s school which was founded in 1628 after a charitable donation by the royal jeweller on his deathbed to provide educational facilities for the “puir, fairtherless bairns” of the city. It provides facilities for cricket and hockey as well as rugby, although it’s the latter which is the most built up part of the field with a Grandstand and Pavilion as well as terraces at either end.

As well as the school, it is also home to Heriot’s Rugby Club, who were founded in 1890, and whilst they stand alone as an ‘open’ amateur club, they retain strong links to the school and boast a long and proud history which has included supplying numerous internationals to both Scotland and England over the years, as well as being the only club in Scotland never to have been relegated from the First Division since it was founded in 1973.

The Turnstiles

Near End Terracing

The Grandstand

The Grandstand upper tier

The Grandstand

Looking across the Terracing

The Grandstand


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