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The Grandstand, Home Park

Opened in the early 1950s, the Grandstand at Home Park finally seems to be coming to the end of its life, with plans to complete the redevelopment of the ground with a new fourth side.

As someone who prefers older style grounds/stands compared to the bland, concrete bowls and anonymous structures that look like they could have been bought from any DIY store, it will be a shame to see such a stand go, as not only will it see the disappearance of yet more terracing from the league, but it will also take away Home Parks most noticeable and impressive feature.

Built in the style of a Leitch stand, the Grandstand holds roughly 8000, with 3500 seats in the upper tier, and space for 4000 in the Mayflower enclosure below. Extra seats are provided to the rear of the terrace beneath the overhang, and in the wing of the Grandstand adjacent to the Devonport End, where a small stand has been added on to the side, above where the terracing sweeps around the corner, before being brought to a halt where the recent development starts. Behind the lower section of seats are windows, which show an early example of the modern executive boxes found at most grounds today. These are interrupted at various intervals by ‘buttresses’ which help add to the uniqueness of the stand, which is topped with a pitched roof (painted green), that covers the upper tier and rear of the terrace. Also disappearing with the redevelopment will be the former Directors box, situated in the corner next to the Barn Park End. Although of no particular appeal in itself, it yet again is another unique feature that will sadly be gone before too long. My only real criticism of the stand is the colour of the crush barriers, which would be far better looking if painted in green, but somehow look a bit ‘unfinished’, with their present silver colour.

One final feature connected with the Grandstand, is not in the ground itself, but the turnstile block outside. Perhaps the most unique and attractive turnstiles in the entire country, they were built in 1936 and as with the rest of the ground, are painted in an attractive combination of green and white. It’s unclear as to whether these will survive the redevelopment, but should they do, they will provide a nice link with the past, that the Grandstand currently does, sitting next to its shiny new neighbours.

Progress is of course necessary for all clubs who don’t wish to stand still, but when the redevelopment of Home Park is finally complete, it will be a shame that the club will have lost such a unique, and perfectly adequate stand.

Rear of the Grandstand

Rear of the Grandstand

The Turnstile Block

Catering Facilities, with Floodlight!

Rear of the Grandstand

Entrance to the Mayflower Enclosure

Looking across the Mayflower Enclosure

The Dugouts

The Players Tunnel

The Lower Section of Seating

The small stand adjacent to the Grandstand

Seating in the small stand

The Directors Box

The Concourse beneath the Upper Tier

The Concourse beneath the Upper Tier

The Toilets (don't ask!)

Looking down to the Concourse

Seating in the Upper Tier

Best seat in the house!

Looking across the Upper Tier

The Grandstand

The Grandstand

The Grandstand

The Grandstand

The Grandstand

The Grandstand whilst full


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