Wolverhampton Wanderers
Old Pictures of Molineux

Molineux, 1869-1925

Wolves originally played at 'Dudley Road' in the Blakenhall area of the city, before moving to Molineux on a permanent basis in 1889, making it the first 'new build' ground in league history. Molineux was already well establish as a sports ground, hosting cycling, bowls and important fixtures for the other football sides in the city. Wolves had first played there in 1885 against Walsall Town.

The lake is roughly where the centre circle would be, whilst the large building in the background was for the South Staffordshire Fine Arts & Industrial Festival taking place

Molineux, 1925-1935

Archibald Leitch arrives at Molineux in 1925 to transform the ground, building the Waterloo Road Stand (1925), North Bank (1930), Molineux St Stand (1932) and South Bank (1935)

Note that building works aren't complete yet. The original North Bank 'Cow Shed' is to the right. 

Waterloo Road Stand, 1925
The entrance was based on the Trinity Road Stand Leitch had built at Villa Park two years previously, without the costs that would cripple Aston Villa (or, alas, the Trinity Road's grandeur)

1925. Storm damage
1925. Storm damage

When the Waterloo Road Stand was built, the cover was moved to the open Molineux Street side. It lasted barely a few months before perishing in a storm, leaving spectators once again open to the elements

1931-32, Looking from the South Bank

1935, The South Bank being built

Molineux, 1936-1979



Looking towards the North Bank, 1979
The Molineux Street Stand, 1979
The Molineux Street Stand, 1979
The Molineux Street Stand/South Bank, 1979
The Molineux Street Stand/South Bank, 1979

Plans for the Ground

(80,000 capacity with 30,000 seats. Plans scrapped.)

(As above, different view)

1977 (1)
(Unknown capacity. Set to be built on grounds original footprint, abandoned for larger site below)

1977 (1)
(Close-up of above model)

1977 (2)
(50,000 capacity with 20,000 seats. Phase One (John Ireland Stand) completed in 1979. Rest of plans abandoned due to lack of finances)

(Plans for John Ireland Executive Boxes, new Waterloo Road Stand in view opposite)

(Capacity unknown, plans abandoned due to Hayward takeover)

(Capacity 32,000, cost £15m. Plans refined for current ground)

(Capacity 28,500 all-seater. Built at cost of circa £13.5m)

(Plans to fill corners in at South Bank end, circa 3600 increase in capacity)

(Plans to rebuild three sides to achieve 36,000 capacity. Cost at £40m)

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