Molineux, Wolverhampton Wanderers

Sunday 15th May 2011

As the season seems to be drawing to a close, so sadly does the opportunity to visit new grounds, the last few Saturdays of May being booked up with various other things meaning it'll probably only be one more game to go to, with Wolves at home to Blackburn next weekend, in a match that will decide our fate for next year. It's in our hands now, so pray God for a win, a draw not going to be enough I feel. The only possible consolation of relegation, being the chance to visit Brighton's new ground instead of as a neutral!

It's been a good season overall. 29 grounds visited (17 new ones) and 51 matches. Less than 2009/10 as it happens, where I went to 40 grounds (26 new) and 59 games, but it has just felt a better season for some reason. Maybe it's been having a challenge again like the 92, with looking to complete the West Midlands Regional League Premier (sadly didn't make Bromyard last week, so that will have to wait for next year to complete it). That helps make it more interesting I think, and gives a motivation to get up on a Saturday morning instead of being unsure where to go. Ground highlights have included Ajax, Buckingham Town and a return to Newcastle, whilst Wolves beating Albion and Villa as well as Man Utd, Chelsea and Man City, all rank up there as great games, so overall I've been pretty happy. There are six more reviews to be added after these, so for next year hopefully the site will a bit more steady with updates instead of doing batches at a time, but getting it up and running agan over here at Blogspot has been another bonus, Freewebs making me pretty fed up and considering calling it a day at one stage. One downside to the season has been not visiting Burscough. They have left their Victoria Park ground with no notice, so having ummed and arred a couple of times this year about visiting, that's another one to chalk into the missed opportunity column. Take them whilst you can should be the warning! Hopefully they might stage one more game there, in which case I'll make my way northwards, but sadly it doesn't look likely.

Here's to next season then, and maybe completing the Midland Alliance at long last. In the meantime, three new WMRL reviews...




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