Molineux, Wolverhampton Wanderers

Sunday 5th June 2011

Well, what an amazingly busy few weeks since the last update! Posting on the 15th, I cautiously said a draw might not be enough, secretly feeling we'd done enough to stay up. Oh dear! Half time on the 22nd wasn't the most pleasant of experiences, and if the PA announcer had been thrown in the South Bank after reminding fans to stay behind for the lap of honour then he probably wouldn't have gotten out alive! For those of you unaware (how?!) 'Survival Sunday' saw five teams needing to win to stay up, and with 16 possible combinations of relegations during the 90 minutes, then nervy wasn't the word! Typical of Wolves to end up 3-0 down at the break, blowing it, but the second half was a surreal experience, no one able to get a phone signal to check the other scores, little commotions breaking out in various parts of the crowd and working their way back up the stand as first Spurs had scored, then disaster, Wigan had, worse, Blues had equalised, no Man Utd are ahead now, Stoke have scored? No, have they? Yes? No? Deep into injury time... Spurs have scored!!! I wouldn't want to go through that again, mid table mediocrity next season please!

Away from on the pitch events, besides Christenings, Weddings and various other events that have kept me busy, the main thing occupying my attention has been the Molineux Webcam, charting the progress of the North Bank's demolition. 13 days prior to the picture above I was standing on the pitch taking a picture of that stand full of fans! It still feels unreal that the redevelopment is actually happening. I loved Molineux, not just because I'm a Wolves fan, but because it really was built to a very high quality and looked totally unique. It wasn't without its design faults, too small a capacity, concourses a tell tale sign that it was one of the first post-Hillsborough rebuilds, and not to mention the stands being a good distance from the pitch, but overall it had character, something so sadly lacking from so many new grounds today. Whilst the plans for the redevelopment look good, I do kind of fear that it will turn out having a bit of a generic feel to it, even if the design is unique, the initial renders seem to lack a certain detail that the 1993 ground had/has, but onwards and upwards so they say (literally upwards, this new stand will tower over the others!).

Nearly finished with the backlog now, just another three to go after this, so in the meantime, enjoy...



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