Kirklands, Cammel Laird

Sunday 4th September 2011

I'm not sure what's going on, but this is the second update to the site in the space of a week!

Today is a Rugby League themed update, with reviews from Dewsbury and the Challenge Cup Final last week at Wembley. Hopefully I'll be at the Willows next week for Salford's final game at their ground, and I'd like to pencil in a visit to Featherstone if possible depending on play-off dates with them due to do work at Post Office Road with the removal of stands from Scarborough's McCain Stadium being re-sited there. Not too hopeful on that one though, but with any luck...

On the football front, a very good vist to Cammel Laird yesterday on Merseyside. It's the one thing about non-league that I love, when you find a genuinely friendly club, and in Laird's there's got to be few more so in the country. It might be a bit of a barren month for seeing games in September with Wolves games taking priority, but there's more than enough of a backlog already building to try and add some more updates on, so until next time...  




  1. Boas!

    Devo dizer que gosto imenso deste blogue!

    Podem adicionar os meus aos vossos links? Eu prometo que retribuo :p

    Saudosos cumprimentos!

  2. First time ive been on the site in a while and BANG, there's an image of my closest stadium. I love it at lairds. Tranmere (my club) used to play their reserve games down at Kirklands, but nothing beats a proper non league match!