Mill Lane Recreation Ground, Pickering Town

Monday 14th November 2011

Well from two updates in the space of a week, to two months...

In fairness I haven't actually been on a groundhop in that time, partly thanks to work, partly to a lack of inspiration, but the chance to visit Pickering changed that, having wanted to go there for over five years since seeing them visit Jackson Avenue to take on Nantwich in the FA Vase Quarter Final. They'd bought a good 200 fans, which had left an impression on me, and I'm pleased to say still have only good things to say about the club since visiting them on Saturday.

In other news, Wolves are doing reassuringly poorly again. It's always a bug to see us on a winning streak, it's only stressful waiting for it to end! A long season ahead appears to wait, but we'll see. At least news off the pitch is going well, with the new North Bank rising at both an impressive rate and height. There are some issues, having sat there against Man City in the League Cup the rake of the terracing is disappointingly shallow, not uncommon these days unfortunately, and restricted views are a real let down from a design perspective, the seats next to the upper disabled box being a real oversight. Still, I won't be sitting there once it's fully open, so it's not all bad! I've got a number of images to eventually get round to posting in a revamped Molineux section, but until then....  



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