Hunts Copse, Swindon Supermarine

Monday 9th April 2012

A new year then, or at least for me, only four months in!

True to form there's been a criminal lack of activity on the site recently, due to various reasons, work, moving, general lack of enthusiasm, the messages are appreciated, I have been going to grounds, albeit nowhere near as many as previously. This review is only the fourth new ground I've been to so far in 2012, a figure which would have accounted for a slow month in the past, but hey ho.

I have got a fair few reviews to add (11 after today), so stay tuned, highlights so far have been a weekend in Scotland (Elgin and Aberdeen) along with Hemel Hempstead and a few still to add from last year, Burscough and Camel Laird amongst others, so at some point I'll get around to putting them up, with hopefully some new Rugby League ones to come with the RL season now in full swing (not to mention a host of Championship reviews for next season...)   



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